Sergey Tyukanov: Purgatory (detail), 2007.
Sergey Tyukanov: Purgatory, 2007.
Lombard Anonymous Artist, Madonna e santi intercedono presso la Trinità per le anime del purgatorio (detail), XVII century.Santa Maria Assunta Church, Condino, Italy.
Frans Francken II: L’Homme à la croisée des chemins entre le vice et la vertu (Man Choosing Between Virtue and Vice –detail–), 1633.
Frans Francken II: The Last Judgment, 1606.
Frans Francken II: The Damned Being Cast into Hell, circa 1605-10.
Fra Angelico: Hell, detail (Triptych: The Last Judgment, Winged Altar), circa 1395.Gemäldegalerie, Berlin.
Joseph Anton Koch: Hell, circa 1825-28.Carried out in collaboration with the Nazarene Movement’s painters, Dante Hall, Casino Massimo, Rome, Italy.
Lucifer. Hours of Catherine of Cleves manuscript, circa 1440.
Francisco Jerónimo Zendejas: Alegoría del Infierno (Allegory of Hell), 18th Century. Museo Nacional de Historia, Mexico.
Anonymous: Las Penas del Infierno (Penances of Hell), 18th Century.
Lucifer standing in a pool and devouring five damned souls, surrounded by seven pits in which several sinners are being tortured by devils; illustration to Antonio Bettini’s ‘Monte Sancto di Dio’ (Florence, 1477). Attributed to Baccio Baldini
James Tissot, Sheep they are laid in the grave.
Demetrios Galanis, Satan, circa 1930.Illustration from Paradise Lost by John Milton.
Jan Frans De Boever, Géhenne, 1918.