Lucifer standing in a pool and devouring five damned souls, surrounded by seven pits in which several sinners are being tortured by devils; illustration to Antonio Bettini’s ‘Monte Sancto di Dio’ (Florence, 1477). Attributed to Baccio Baldini
James Tissot, Sheep they are laid in the grave.
Demetrios Galanis, Satan, circa 1930.Illustration from Paradise Lost by John Milton.
Jan Frans De Boever, Géhenne, 1918.
John Martin, Fallen Angels in Hell, circa 1841.
Nicolas-Antoine Taunay, Le triomphe de la Guillotine en Enfer (The Triumph of the Guillotine in Hell), circa 1795.  [link]
Barry Moser, Lucifer.  [link]
Cornelis Galle I (After Ludovico Cardi Il Cigoli), Lvcifer, circa 1650.Lettered around image with excerpts of Dante’s Divine Comedy.  [link]
Ludovico Cardi aka Il Cigoli, Lvcifer, circa 1590.For Divine Comedy.  [link]
Ludovico Cardi aka Il Cigoli, Lvcifer (sketch), circa 1590.For Divine Comedy.  [link]
Giovanni Stradano, Dante’s Inferno - Canto 34, circa 1585.
By Amos NattiniIllustration for Divine Comedy, 1923.  [link]
Lucifer - Canto XXXIVFrom Divine Comedy (Venice: Antonio Zatta), 1757-58.  [LINK]
Herri met de Bles, Inferno, 16th century.  [link]
Alberto Martini, Lucifero - Canto XXIX, 1943-44.For Dante’s Divine Comedy.  [link]